Saturday, December 20, 2014

As Mentioned.....

Last Sunday, as mentioned, after a long nap in my car, while the cats were being fixed from the Albany colony at the Portland FCCO clinic, I went for a walk in a wildlife refuge.

Now I'll post the photos of that short but delightful walk.....

Fabulous Dancer!
Sweet Green!
Watch Out for People
Air traffic control nightmare!
Landing Strip
Trail Beauty

Contrail play.....

Hood watching...
Add a cat, or two, for good measure!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

That Explains It

Now I know why I've been so grumpy and worn out, despite adequate sleep.

I was trying to ward off something.   Today it broke through my defenses.


Back with a vengeance, but now in the other ear.

My right ear is not affected anymore.  But now my left ear is.

And my left ear doesn't like what's going on in there and is raising hell, more so than my wimpy right ear.

It was not pretty today.

There was vomiting and moaning and more vomiting if I even moved an eye.  I was unable to clean up my own vomit, which barely disturbed me.  I was too sick.

There were chills and thoughts like "Ohhhhh." and "Eeewwww, this is awful."

I tried to get up to use the bathroom and ended up on the floor, so I stayed there for a little napsy.

I hate lounging.  I hate wasting a day.  But my butt was kicked.  My friend drove me to the doctor, the friend who has suffered from vertigo since she was 27 years old.  She takes decongestants and if she doesn't, she suffers.  

I wasn't sure what was going on is why I went and I didn't know how to deal with it either, since it's rather difficult alone, if I can't even get out of bed to get to the bathroom, or feed myself.  Not that I wanted to eat.

By the time I got to the doctor, I was better, but she induced it again, to find out which ear, and to be sure of what it was.  I'm glad it's not a brain tumor. Thank goodness.

Since it switched ears, I get the viral vertigo.  My colds go that way too, first one side sinus or throat affected, then the other.     So I'm on meds for it now, antihistamines and anti dizzy pills.

Make me sleepy.

The girls won't be leaving Saturday now, next week instead.   I will recover.

My cats are pissed that they're not getting all they deserve right now, but too bad pussy cats.  It's me vomiting on them for a change.  Ha ha.  That makes me laugh.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

An Urge to Run

I want to run away again.  I'm having those dreams.

I feel the burdens of the world on me here.  I feel it alone.

All these requests for help, all burdened onto me, me with no money, or anything really.  I want to run to somewhere sunny and kind where the people don't look like vampires drooling to suck my blood.

I'm tired.   I got sucked in again, and I should have resisted maybe.  Too much on me, my soul, my heart, my wallet.

I feel pale.

I returned the three adult females to the colony after the feeder man requested it.  He was afraid they belonged to neighbors.  Which neighbors would that be, I think to myself, the ones that never clean up their yard and won't answer the door and have empty boxes and trash out front too?  Or the neighbors who let their cats eat at his place, so they don't have to feed them?  Those people?  Just who, I think.

But he's earnest and honest and I return them.

I take the five kittens up to the group taking them in.  Except, they first want them tested for FIV and Feline Leukemia and direct me to a vet clinic up there.  I wait over an hour, almost an hour and a half, for it to be done.  I'm nervous the whole time because I can't remember for sure if I turned my oven off at home.

I think I turned it off but what if I didn't, and the fire trucks are there and all my cats have burned to death and I'm now homeless with my entire family dead.  I think that off and on the entire time.  I try not to think it but I can't help myself.

A vet there has grabbed the smoke black kitten and loves him.  I'm excited thinking she'll adopt him.  Finally she decides she'll adopt him.  That is, until the test results come back.  Four of the five kittens have light positive blue dots for Felk.  The dots appear only in the last seconds of the ten minute snap test and are very light and faded.   The black smoke boy kitten is the only negative.

I think "Oh good, the vet will still take him."  The test results hit me like catching a lead frisbee.

This is the black smoke male kitten, before I took them up, before they were all tested.  He's the negative of the five.  

I have no idea what will happen now, if the group that was going to take them still will take them, if I'll have to pay for all these five tests now, or what.  I load the four positive kittens back in my car and am starting to drive out when there is a knock on the window.  It's the vet.  I think for a second, just a second, she's going to say the tests were a mistake, they were all negative.  But no.  She's shoving the smoke black boy kitten through the window into my arms, saying she won't take him because maybe in two months he'll test positive.

I drive off just dead in my whole brain and body.

I drive on out to the place where they've said they'll take them.  The woman who runs it refuses now.  I say, "they should be euthanized, there's nowhere for them to go" and she squeals in opposition, but won't take them.

Before anyone knew four were possibly positive, people made over them, but the moment they were considered possibly leukemia kittens, people go quiet, don't want to touch them, act like they're lepers and I am a leper too, because they're with me.  They're still cute little kittens who want loved and to play, that's all.

My friend takes them.  For now.  Says she'll hold them in a cage in her garage.  For now.  They'll likely test negative in a month or two, but they won't get handled and will remain feral for life, after two months in a cage in a garage, alone.   Right now there's no other solutions.  Damn those snap tests.  I don't even trust them anymore.

I know very well they'll be negative in two months.  The costs of retesting, its so much crap, like its orchestrated or something.  See how I mistrust?

The two muted calico sisters, abandoned by more Albany assholes, are leaving for California soon.  California.   Yay.  Far far away from this dismal little shit town.  I'm so embarrassed for this town and so many terrible horrible instances of animal abuse and abandonment.  I'm always begging for help with another horror here. In this little town.  There's something really really wrong here.  That's all I can say tonight.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sadness Like Thunder

The kittens.  They're dead.  According to neighbors of the tenants who were evicted and left adult muted calicos behind, two girls I knew very well because they spent two nights in my bathroom.  One had a litter of four kittens.

That was last August.  Another neighbor had called me earlier that summer when she found a box labeled "free" out in the dark and rain and cold, with four three week old kittens inside.  I got them up to PAWS in West Linn.   Their mother was one of the muted calicos.  This is the video I made of the Rain Box Kittens.

There was a third mother, a classic torti, besides the two muted calico mothers.  The classic torti had a litter of kittens, but then I was told first she was beaten to death by the woman's boyfriend and her body dumped along a bike path when the kittens were very very tiny.   Later I was told differently, that the people's pitbull tore her to bits.  I don't know which story is true.  I had so many nightmares over the first story.  There was only one survivor of the dead classic torti's litter--Leo, an orange tabby, so covered in fleas, when KATA took him in, they doubted he'd survive the anemia.  But he did and he got a home.

So the muted tortis each had litters too, one being the Rain Box kittens and the other litter, were the four I had in my bathroom two days, while the two muted calicos, one their mother, were being fixed.

KATA paid for the two adult calico girls to be fixed.  I couldn't anymore, having no connections and no money.    The four kittens were too little to be fixed, but they overnighted here also, while their mom got fixed.  After the moms were to go back, a thought I couldn't stomach but they would not give them up, I offered cash for the kittens.  They should have given me all four, but they took $40 for two kittens, refusing more for the other two girl kittens, claiming they belonged to "their kids" although they were forced to live out on a porch, with many dangerous dogs in the area.

My friends told me to steal them later.  I was such a wimp over it. I should have listened. I knew they were as good as dead if I returned them.  But legally, I had no choice.

So I returned the two calicos and the two girl kittens and sure enough, they're dead now.

I went over there tonight when I found out the "owners" had been evicted and left the cats. I was happy inside, excited! to think if they had left them, now they were free of those people and maybe could get real homes and be loved and have easy wonderful lives.  I couldn't wait to hug them, get them away from there.  I went over there afraid for the cats, however, because what if some were dead, and that's when I found out the kittens are dead now.

Dead a neighbor says, one run over by a car driven by friends of the people who "owned" them and one dead some other way she didn't remember.  Dead, she said, both of them---dead.  "You don't need to be looking, cause they're dead."

I collected the two adult calico girls.  I'll find them a place.  I will.

And damn those people.   They'd been evicted and left on the sly to avoid any responsibility for everything they'd done.

These are the two they gave up to me when I offered them $40.  Heartland took them in and adopted them out.
This girl and the gray tabby tux girl below went back, and, according to the neighbor, met terrible ends.  

And these are the mother cats they left behind.

I've talked to Safehaven briefly this evening, asking if they can take them in, and the woman I talked to said someone will tell me tomorrow whether or not they can take them.  Heartland might have room end of the week, they said, but they were not sure.

Or, maybe someone who reads this will come forward, adopt these two, love them, keep them safe inside forever.  What are the chances?   I really don't want them adopted into the mean streets of this town again.  I really would love to get them out of here, to a kinder more lovely place than here.  Where there is love and joy and caring.

I was happy to think they'd left all four behind, thinking now was their chance to have better lives.  My excitement crashed when I was told the kittens are dead.  And I also know very well their next home, their next owners could be just as bad or even worse.  There and fewer and fewer kind souls out there.  Will there be enough good humans somewhere to be found for these girls?

I made the video below of the four kittens last August when I had them for two days while their mom was spayed.  I'm glad I paid out for the calico and buff boy kittens.  I hope they fared better in whatever home they got, from Heartland.  R.I.P. little gray girl kittens, who apparently have passed from this sometimes ugly world.

UPDATE:   The two muted calicos are going to a home in California!!!  Thank you Autumn!

UPDATE TWO:  The five wild thing kittens, and the three wild young adult females are going to two locations up north on Sunday.   The kittens will be worked with, tamed, and hopefully will eventually get homes.  The three young adult females will get longer healthier lives in a rural setting.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dozing Day in Portland with Ten Local Cats

Oh my, was I ever a mess today.

I hauled ten local cats to Portland too early in the morning, in my opinion.

The alarm woke me annoyingly at 6:00 a.m. this morning, but I was so tired last night I couldn't get to sleep early enough.  I puttered around in a zombie like state, after the Astoria trip, then trapping earlier yesterday and a million other things.

Finally I had enough sense to go to bed.  But six hours was not enough, despite a nap earlier in the day Saturday and I wanted to kill my alarm like never before--- do it harm!

The two huge males were already in traps and already in the back of my car, patiently, ok not so patiently, waiting on their fate.  The other eight cats I would have to separate into their own carriers, from two cages.  I had two big cages set up on a table in the garage.  One held the adult black and white female plus the gray and white long hair young adult female.  The other cage held five kittens and one young adult female.

There were the two gray and white kittens, both turned out to be girls.  There was the black tux long hair, also a girl.  Then there were the two boy kittens, one the long hair black smoke and the other gray, like his young adult mom, also in the second cage.  I thought she was a kitten, but she's not kitten age, but not an adult either, somewhere in between and maybe his mother.  They are always together over there.

All six were in one carrier when I went out to separate them for transport.  So I hauled the carrier into the bathroom and quickly got each into a carrier of its own, before loading everyone back in the car and taking off with a cup of coffee freshly brewed.

Once up at the FCCO clinic, I unloaded all ten cats, in carriers mostly, but also three traps, and checked them in to the clinic.  Then pulled my car forward up the empty block and parked along the curb maybe two blocks from the clinic itself.    There wasn't a soul to be seen on the sidewalk in this industrial trashy area, save one lone skateboarder who came by noisily on the uneven pavement.

I pulled out my car blanket and cuddled into it and promptly fell asleep.  I was so drowsy and the sun was hitting the car and coming through the windshield just right to create a nice warm, but not too warm cozy dreamy ambiance, except for the smell of cat poop wafting up from the back somewhere, courtesy of the big huge black fuzzy male.   I was floating soon and drifted into a deep sleep.

When I woke, my leg hurt and I could not figure out why.  Then I realized it was the seat belt holder hitting it, hurting my leg.  I tried to break it off, half asleep still, to stop the pain, then came awake enough to realize I can't do that, I need that car part, and stopped myself.

I went to a few thrift stores to kill the afternoon, and took a short hike at a wildlife refuge.   You should see the hipster dress up on short walks in that area.  About the farthest you can walk there, if you go clear to the end, is a mile, then a mile back, on groomed trails.  But my goodness, the gear!

One woman had on a red ear band, walking pants, a hand carved walking stick, a day pack and a smokey bear figurine poking stylishly from a back pocket of the day pack.   I felt inadequate amongst these stylish fashion conscious walker people.  Hats were huge there, with safari type the most popular, often accompanying gray or khaki safari shirts and walking sticks.   I looked down at my stained shoes and jeans in shame.  I had no hat either.

Then it was back to the clinic where Leah, the tech, said why don't you just tame that gorgeous smoke boy kitten?  He's too beautiful to put back out.   "Oh don't say that," I protested, "I have enough now and if I tamed him, then what, because I don't do adoptions, I hate it!"
The smoke black boy kitten and yes, he is a looker!
Speaking of good looking kittens--two gray tux long hair girls and a black smoke tux girl were fixed today and amongst the five kittens I took up.

The 5th kitten, a gray male, is homely by comparison to his beautiful brother and sisters. 

I do hate doing adoptions.   And it is a shame the kittens are three months or so old, really a difficult age to tame.  Taking them back is a shame though.

The cats were six girls and four boys.   Five are kittens.  Three are young adult females.  Two are big huge older males.

This massive black and white male looks so much like Viktor it is uncanny.  Viktor was the black and white male I took from the rabbit people only two houses from this little colony.  This guy is very likely related to Viktor directly.
Huge fuzzy black male fixed today.  Viktor the 2nd and this guy fight like, well like tom cats.  Now they are both fixed but it will be a month or more before their hormones subside enough for the territorial stuff to stop.
There were also three young adult females fixed today from the same colony.

This sweet cute kitty is now a spayed female.

So is black and white momma kitty now spayed.

This girl is very young but at least now she is spayed.

Well, that's it for the cats and me today.  Going to bed early.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tomorrow's Load of Cats

I'd promised to help this very sweet man get cats he fed fixed.  The rabbit people first told me about it and asked if I could do something.  I can't do much anymore, since I don't have funding for spay neuter, unless the FCCO will agree to fix cats for nothing, if a colony caretaker cannot pay and this man can't and the FCCO did agree to fix them if I drove them up.

I asked him how many he fed that weren't fixed and he guessed ten.  Good guess.  This morning I trapped ten exactly.  The others are fixed, and even have ear tips.  I think some neighbors might be helping get the cats fixed.

Two from across the street are always on his porch free loading.  One is a torbi short hair with a right ear tip.  I asked the people if they knew what that was and they didn't, so i told them what an ear tip meant. They said she'd just showed up there and they started caring for her.

Torbi with ear tip.  She now claims the people across the street as hers.  She usually has on a collar but she keeps shedding it, they said.

This guy belongs across the street also!
Then there is this orange tux female who was fixed with the help of neighbors, he said.  He has another orange female inside and she is also fixed.
This cat also already has an ear tip and the man feeding does not know where he got that.  Someone got him fixed at some point.
This long hair tame torti also has an ear tip and wants a home.
Now for the non fixed crowd.....
Two big males have made life miserable for the neighborhood and left the man's porch bloody this morning, and covered in hair.  HOwever, they are both now side by side, in traps in my car.  Tomorrow, they lose their fighting organs, if you get my drift.

Then there was a young long haired gray and white adult, plus a short hair black and white female, and her kitten crowd, and its a crowd all right.....
There are six kittens in all, all cute as cute can be and I wish they were not quite as old as they are, because they would tame.  They'd tame now, but it would be slow going.  If I could only find some people with fewer cats than I have, who would they could get out of the feral lifestyle.

Unfixed crowd of kittens on the porch, awaiting food.  All these are now caught.   There are two adorable gray and white DLH kittens, two skinny gray kittens, a black and white kitten and a black smoke kitten.   

Black smoke long hair kitten.

Swarming the drop trap.
Well, by tomorrow evening the cat problem on the block will be solved, hopefully.   A lot of potential breeding won't happen!  Still wish I could find people to tame and adopt out the kittens, however.  They're a little old for it, but it could happen.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Four Cat Dental Day

Long day today, very long indeed.

I took four cats clear to Astoria to get their teeth cleaned and any extractions needed.  Why?  Because there is a clinic there I can afford, with fundraisers, that is, to help with the costs.

The four dentals, with extractions, today, plus rabies vaccine updates for all four cats, and including convenia injections on all four, cost about the price of one pet dental with extractions here in the valley, at most vet clinics.

Even the vet college in Corvallis is going to charge $400 or $500 per cat to the public, when their students learn pet dental work.  So you can see why I went all the way to the far northwest tip of Oregon, to the clinic there.

One cat or four for about the same price.  Real hard choice there.
This is a life saving clinic for me and the cats here, with its affordable prices.

So I fund raised and thank you so very much to everyone who donated to help these latest cats get the care they needed.

The Six Cat Dental Dollars is the one I'm running now and all but Comet of those six cats have now had their dentals.  I meant to take Comet today not Misty but he got out of the bedroom this morning, very early, when I was about to contain the four and head out.  So I took Misty instead.

Jade ended with only six teeth left in her mouth by days' end.  Mooki had six extractions.  Teddy had six extractions and Misty had seven in all.  Plus remaining teeth were cleaned.

Teddy howled most of the trip up to Astoria, but all the cats were quiet for the trip back.  I left at 4:30 a.m. and got back at 7:30 p.m.  All the drive there was in the dark.  Often, I drove in dense fog.   I also drove all the way back in the dark and sometimes fog, and misty rain.  I loved it!  I love driving in those conditions!  It's awesome!

During the day, while waiting on the cats, I killed time walking on the beach and touring Fort Clatsop.
Beach at Seaside

This is a re-creation of Fort Clatsop, the Fort where Lewis and Clark wintered over, before returning east from their expedition.  The park honoring Lewis and Clark's winter stay is in Astoria.

I'm going to bed.  Trapping tomorrow I guess.

A few minutes ago, three loud explosions rocked the neighborhood.  Who knows what that was.  People in this area blow things up and fool with illegal fireworks and guns.  There's a house a block from here that is always shooting off illegal fireworks and according to a neighbor, has a pot grow to boot in back.

Glad to be back home with my kitties, who will feel much better with bad teeth gone, once they recuperate.  The rest are mad at me, for being gone all day.